Is just taking CS or IT enough?

Aashish Peepra
3 min readSep 15, 2019

When I see people roaming around the college campus, I see the shine of ideas deep inside their hearts ready to burn but lacking the spark. The spark of exact path guidance. How can I be someone telling you about your life paths? Maybe, because I have been through all this.

This Blog is going to be all about how you can find the perfect field inside Computer Science and focus on it rather than wondering over the entire maze of prospects CS offers.

Instead of “what you wanna be” ask “what you wanna make”

In a world that grows so fast, CS has a lot of fields to offer, a number unimaginable. So I won’t say it's impossible but pretty hard for a normal person to master them all. I wanted to be a hacker to look cool in front of girls but that’s a topic for a different blog, what matters is later I asked myself what I really wanna make and that yield me to what I am today. If you just keep learning everything eventually you will be perfect for a good job but maybe imperfect for your dream app or tech.

Why this question matter? What if I want to answer but I don’t know what are the possible technologies I can make? What to learn if I know the answer now? We already answered question one let’s move to second.

Possible Technologies you can make.

The possible Technologies and their how to

So I think that this graph should be descriptive enough in itself. But still, to be concise let me explain it in another way.

You should always know what end product you want to create whether it is a world-changing automated bot or a sophisticated awesome life-changing application. If you know what you wanna make, then only you can find what you need to learn.

What to learn if I know the answer now?

If you got your answer for “what can I make” or “What do people who make Machine Learning codes are called?” your next question will definitely be “how to make it? “. And I am 70% sure you might have already got your answer.

It’s not just this much. Let’s say you learnt everything to be a frontend web-developer, it's not enough, it never is. With the growing competition you should always have a backup, then which one should you choose next? which one to focus more on? and most important things like managing time, where to practise and resources. I will be sharing all these insights and my own journey as a web developer and data scientist in the next blog.

If you are keen you must have seen what my backup is.

Final Words!

Now when you got the answers, choose wisely what interests you and start learning the languages/ libraries/ frameworks/ hardware or whatever you require from today. Because I believe we all are already and always late.

For help with your programming growth, resources, or if you get stuck somewhere feel free to drop a mail at or join me on Instagram as “aashishpeepra” or “ironprogrammers”.

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