How to make any technology with JavaScript

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Hey readers, I will be delivering the content real short and point to point so you can capture everything in just five minutes of your life.

I have been coding for almost two years now and when i started i had no idea about what to learn for what, lets say - what language to use for web development, what language to use for windows apps, what to use for android or iOS apps. But with experience i realized how a single person can make all these technologies by learning just one single programming language -JavaScript.

Here’s a simple chart to describe how you can use other frameworks and libraries to achieve all these skills.

Describing how JavaScript can be used almost everywhere

Web Development

The basic need for a static (websites where you see no real time content example welcome pages or “website-under-construction” sites) website is just HTML, and CSS. Where you can use other stuff like bootstrap to make your web sites responsive.

But to make dynamic (realtime updating websites) you will need to combine it with JavaScript or JQuery. Further this will still leave you to use some framework for gaining access to MVC model (Media View Control ). Frameworks like React, Angular or Vue and great options. What i mean by MVC means creating websites where user have access to Media, can view RealTime updating content and can Control or interact with the servers.

This all leads you to have enough knowledge to make a pretty good website. but still later or sooner you will be coding over servers and then if you are using JavaScript you will need to use Node.Js. Further for database opt for PostgreSQL rather then going for no-SQL.

PWA apps

PWA apps or Progressive web apps are the latest trend. These are amazing way to launch your apps without paying for hosting at either appStore or PlayStore. What progressive web apps means is you just create a responsive website with icons and service workers (to cache your database) and then the user simply presses “add-to-screen” button in the browser and your website gets installed into his OS and he can simply use it like a real native app.

These are low cost to build, easy to manufacture, works just like native apps, you can use all features like accessing the location of the user / camera / contacts and everything.

When you will be coding for PWA apps you will need to add a extension called TreeHouse in your browser which helps you to determine the standard ratings. Why these ratings matter? Because after running tests on treehouse if you didn’t get a good score google or other engines won’t prompt the user to add your PWA apps to their phones and you don’t want this right.

Cross Platform Apps

Ionic can be used to create awesome desktop application. The basic requirements are the same — HTML, CSS, JavaScript. just one more thing- if you remember Angular as i mentioned above (a MVC model), you will need it to learn it too. The reason is simple the basic background of Ionic is Angular Based. You can check out Ionic at

Mobile Apps

Now the question arises, if we can use cross platform and PWA apps why should we learn how to create Native Mobile Apps. Tough on internet you will find that there’s almost no difference between PWA apps and Native apps, but still you will have awesome power while coding into Native Language . But then you will have to learn so more apps and as they are Native you will have to learn different languages for different OS.

What’s the shortcut ? React Native, launched by Facebook. It’s a framework to code mobile apps which are platform independent. Tough they are coded with Js and React as a basic methodology you will have all access to the core features, all features that any native application provide.

You can check React Native at

Machine Learning

Last but not least, at this phase of amazingly growing craze for machine learning, what if i say JavaScript can be also use to code for Machine Learning. Yes that’s true and you can check it out at

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