How to make any technology with JavaScript

Describing how JavaScript can be used almost everywhere

Web Development

The basic need for a static (websites where you see no real time content example welcome pages or “website-under-construction” sites) website is just HTML, and CSS. Where you can use other stuff like bootstrap to make your web sites responsive.

PWA apps

PWA apps or Progressive web apps are the latest trend. These are amazing way to launch your apps without paying for hosting at either appStore or PlayStore. What progressive web apps means is you just create a responsive website with icons and service workers (to cache your database) and then the user simply presses “add-to-screen” button in the browser and your website gets installed into his OS and he can simply use it like a real native app.

Cross Platform Apps

Ionic can be used to create awesome desktop application. The basic requirements are the same — HTML, CSS, JavaScript. just one more thing- if you remember Angular as i mentioned above (a MVC model), you will need it to learn it too. The reason is simple the basic background of Ionic is Angular Based. You can check out Ionic at

Mobile Apps

Now the question arises, if we can use cross platform and PWA apps why should we learn how to create Native Mobile Apps. Tough on internet you will find that there’s almost no difference between PWA apps and Native apps, but still you will have awesome power while coding into Native Language . But then you will have to learn so more apps and as they are Native you will have to learn different languages for different OS.

Machine Learning

Last but not least, at this phase of amazingly growing craze for machine learning, what if i say JavaScript can be also use to code for Machine Learning. Yes that’s true and you can check it out at

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