How to learn any programming language quickly

Aashish Peepra
3 min readMar 11, 2020


This is the picture of my laptop With caption “born to code”

Ever heard that you require 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become world-class in any field? Well, that’s a lot of time which we certainly don't have.

Till class eight I used to have a tough time dealing with computer subject and I barely pass. And now I mostly earn through programming and it’s my all-time passion.

I have been coding for more than two and a half years now and have dealt with a lot of languages. Either it is java with lengthy boring syntax or Python with blazing shortcodes. All language shares the same backbone and that’s the thinking.

So if you acquire the skill to master this, you can learn any new programming language exponentially much than your peers. Let's understand this backbone even deeper.

Why this language?

Where most of the languages have a vast domain of application, you must first understand why you want to learn it? Use my simple AMR method ( a= applications, m = methodologies, and R= resources)

For example, if I am going to learn Python I must first know

a) Its applications

b) why was it created at first place and with what methodologies

c) Resources to learn it

Code more, read less

So most of the people keep on solving those cute riddles in their notebook but they don’t understand the importance of coding into actual systems.

Compliers are different from notebook and pens and nowadays you get errors for writing extra spaces ( yup that’s python).

Just don’t code anything, code efficient. Because anyone can write the code which machines can understand but very few can write the code which human can understand.

Create Projects and Git them

The first python program that I wrote wasn’t a “Hello, World!”, instead it was a complete Whatsapp bot. Here’s the link to the code

You can see in the code that I used while loops 90% of the places because at that time I didn’t know how to write “for” loops in Python. And still, I end up creating this. I followed this neat trick of mine — TeCoida

Try My Trick: TeCoida

Let’s say you want to learn Python, you know basic loops and programming methodologies, simply think of a project that you want to make and start.

Start by creating how can you achieve the goal? and Is there any prebuild library to do so? If Yes then how to use that library? If no then create the algorithm yourself.

Then start by seeing how to write basic variables and data into that language. Followed by if-else, loops, try-catch blocks and so on. Don’t search for these until you don’t need them.

Create a problem, search for answer on google, implement the solution and believe it to fail and repeat.

After coding for a few hours you will realize you are so much into the language. And that’s when you will thank me.


If you followed TeCoida effectively, I believe that you will be into any programming language in just few hours.

Tip: Don’t follow youtube videos, because then you just copy, you don’t learn.

Programming is just like any other sport, you don’t learn anything until you don’t get your hands dirty. Play with it before it plays with your life.

Keep coding, keep learning and email me if you get stuck, I will love to help you in your coding journey.



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