How to cross horizons of learning during the lockdown

Photo by Aman Dhakal on Unsplash

Mount Everest or Mount Fuji?

No matter if you are Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark we all have confined resources. Resources in terms of energy and focus. If you split it you lose.

Mountain Decided? Let’s decide on the tools.

So let’s say you decided you want to do Web Development or any other field. But how to start?

Got the tools? Great Lets Train

You have an Ice Axe and harness but don’t know how to handle them. Damn you are in real trouble. Let’s make it right.

So when to climb?

We decided on our mountain, tools and get our training. But when to climb?

Learn for Change

Spread this message. That start learning for a change and not for a job. For help finding resources ping me up. I would love to be part of your journey.

Keep Coding 🚀



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Aashish Peepra

Aashish Peepra

Full-stack Web Developer, Python Developer, Computer geek, Programming Teacher, Writer and what not.