How to cross horizons of learning during the lockdown

Aashish Peepra
3 min readApr 6, 2020

Are you the person who wanted to discover something crazy during this little lockdown. Do you want to polish your rusty skills or start your dream? Let’s dive down to see a few of my habits and methods that boosted my productivity.

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Mount Everest or Mount Fuji?

No matter if you are Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark we all have confined resources. Resources in terms of energy and focus. If you split it you lose.

It’s simple maths lets see. There are two tasks — task A and task B. You split your resources and now if A would be taking 3 days and B 5 days to complete. You end up consuming 10 days because of the divided concentration, efforts, strength and focus. Determine which mountain to climb first. You can’t climb half mount Everest — come down, climb half mount Fuji and presume to come out of this infinite loop.

You can learn anything instead of rushing towards the industry’s needs. Things that spark your brain and juice it with dopamine and adrenaline. Go for Web Development or Application Development. Playing with Data or creating APIs.

Mountain Decided? Let’s decide on the tools.

So let’s say you decided you want to do Web Development or any other field. But how to start?

When you all play PUBG if you don’t have the right ammo you won’t last long right? So pick your ammo thoughtfully.

Try to concentrate on Python for your interviews and Javascript for developing apps and projects. Java, C++ if you just want to end up at superpowers like Facebook, Google, Snapchat or Netflix. Evermore know these three combos PJ(JS) or P(JS)(C++) or PSJ and PS(C++).

P -> Python | JS-> Javascript | J-> Java | S-> Swift

Got the tools? Great Lets Train

You have an Ice Axe and harness but don’t know how to handle them. Damn you are in real trouble. Let’s make it right.

For me, Programming == Solving Problems for a Change (double equals if you know what I mean)

So don’t just learn basics, then jump for core, then problem-solving. What are you doing? This way you will earn 1.6 million per year, but if a company is paying 10,000 people 1.6 million per year how much will the CEO be earning?

Design Solutions for the obstacles. My college buddy who never had a CS background started this path last year in August. He never quit since then. Learnt Web Development, then python in 16 hours and now is coding for a change. Bringing solutions that matters and sometimes he excites me too. The curiosity to learn for change and not for a job. That spark 🔥

Learn the Basics. Make a Solution for your daily life problems like a Calendar app, A mail checker, automated bots. Learn advance, write web scraping codes. Make a website for startup companies to be a part of it. Ever had a will-o’-the-wisp project create that. Contact me if you need more creative minds.

So when to climb?

We decided on our mountain, tools and get our training. But when to climb?

If you wanted to do this. You would have started by now. But still, if you haven’t and want to, today is the best day and tomorrow is worst.

Just remember “ Programming brings magic to real life. I don’t know about you but I will love to be a wizard” — AP.

Learn for Change

Spread this message. That start learning for a change and not for a job. For help finding resources ping me up. I would love to be part of your journey.

Keep Coding 🚀



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