How I enhance Search Engine Optimization in React and Vue websites.

Where’s the problem?

When you search for something on the internet. Web crawlers will crawl through millions of pages to find the perfect result for you. To get all these pages they will have to send request to different servers, check if the response contains data which you are looking for and if all this criteria passes it will show the page to you.

Bundled files are sent from server to the client

Why this bundled data isn’t SEO friendly?

Well this is what the HTML file will look like to the web crawlers.

HTML file doesn’t contain the code yet, because it will be rendered later
Rendered HTML content on the client side after execution with javascript

How to solve it?

The solutions aren’t to easy to be honest.

The meta object is storing all the meta information.


Implementing Server side rendering is better than plugins but more exhaustive. So if you are looking for fast search engine optimization in lesser efforts, go for plugins. For long term and better results go for SSR.



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