All about Competitive programming in 2019

What is competitive programming exactly?

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Learn to do Competitive Programming?

  1. Logical Thinking: Most of the questions will test your logic
  2. Efficiency: How much execution time and space is used by your code
  3. Programming Fluency: Though most of the competitive programming competitions are language independent, you should be fluent with the language you use, knowing every inch of it, so you don’t waste time googling “how to insert at beginning of list” or reinventing the wheels.
  4. Few Programming musts: You should have expertise in Data Structures, APIs, and Algorithms.
  5. Standards of Competitions and environment: Most of the programming competitions have some standards like inputting from Standards input streams and output to standard output streams, usage of API, and other restrictions, you should be aware of them.
  6. Speed: One of my school friends was great at solving logic in Java, but rarely codes, at the final exams when we have the practicals we all were standing out of the room, done with our practicals but he was still inside, why? His typing speed was barely 10 words per minute. So you should have good typing speed, test yours here.

Where to do Competitive Programming?

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